Alice Communications is a practice operating within two different areas, often overlapping:

    The communication of science, for the life sciences mainly, which leads us to help companies in fields ranging from pharmaceuticals and biotech to beauty and health, and business development.

    We help develop product concepts, or articulate communications program in coherence with market and societal trends, even strategize research directions based on these trends.

    We can also help promote or explain a technology with investors, clients, law makers, or journalists. 

    Our clients are, in the beauty industry, large corporations and raw materials suppliers, or, in the health industry, small and midsize biotechs and pharma.

    Communications and network building directly leads us to business development for innovative life sciences stakeholders, may they be young innovative companies, research institutions, incubators, regional development agencies, etc...

    For our business development activities, we work directly with individual companies through traditional consulting or through our own program, US Ready, partnered with US specialists.



    Alice Communications Inc.

    Owner – Present

    Alice Communications Inc. is a consulting practice dedicated to the lifesciences.

    We help biotech companies and consumer product companies find each other to develop new innovative technologies and properly communicate about these technologies.

    We also help biotech startups..get started, and large pharma companies integrate innovative biotech or high tech tools to improve their processes.

    We are a technology brokerage and scientific communications firm, working at the interface of several worlds.

    Our ability to understand science, technology and to build bridges and networks are our main assets, along with the many excellent partners we have worked with over the last 14 years.


    ASSOCIATE – Present

    French Bio Bay - The premier french-powered biopharma network in the Bay Area

    Co-Founder – 2014

    Founded the network with Romain Tanière, in order to allow French Biotech professionals to network with lifescience peers

    Akuter Technologies, Inc.

    Board member – 2014

    GCI Magazine

    Trade Journalist – 2014

    Wrote for leading French trade and business magazines and papers, covered first the Cosmetics Industry and later the Biotech industry. . Currently write mostly for a US trade publication (GCI: www.gcimagazine.com)

    French Americain Chamber of Commerce San Francisco

    Co-Chair and co-founder LifeScience Committee – Dec 2010

    Darja Laboratories

    Director of R&D – Sep 2000

    Organized the Development process. Supervised all new product development projects, as well as applied research for veterinary, and human products: OTC, medical devices and cosmetics
    Created and instated stability program. Trained every technical employee on the premises. Completed Laboratory ISO procedures and Work Instructions.
    Validated all all off-site maufacturing.
    Helped management in setting up new plant by advising and testing potential equipment and advising on purchases.

    Aroma Vera

    Director of R&D – Oct 1998

    Aromatherapy Company. Implemented R&D. Supervised all new product development projects (proprietary as well as private label). Involved with production supervision, scheduling, materials and equipment purchasing.
    In charge of private labels clients relations and projects. Featured in several communications tools (video, conferences) as the technical expert. Represented the company in trade shows and abroad (trained our Italian distributor in Rome, as well North American team in LA)

    Thibiant International

    Applications Scientist – Nov 1996

    Formula Development, Regulatory Compliance, Quality Control

    Integrated Research, Marina Del Rey

    Development Chemist – Oct 1995

    Formula development for different clients, including Paul Mitchell Systems.

    Beauty Naturally

    Lab Manager – May 1995

    New products development. Equipment and materials purchasing.


    Advertising Manager – Mar 1991

    Sold advertising space to recruiting managers, recruiting agencies and advertising agencies.

    Diverse Pharmacies

    Pharmacy employee – Oct 1990

    Technician and then assistant pharmacist, 1500 hours


    intern – 1990

    Hospices Civils de Lyon

    Hospital biology lab extern – Sep 1989

    Lab technician - Body fluids analysis


    If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door


    Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

    PharmD Industrial Pharmacy

    Activities: AAEPL, Association Amicale des Etudiants en Pharmacie de Lyon, 85-90

    Institut de Pharmacie Industrielle de Lyon (IPIL)

    DESS Pharmaceutical Management, Cosmetics and topicals formulation

    Activities: ACTIPIL Junior Entreprise: Treasurer, President


    Life Sciences






    Medical Devices




    Cosmetics & Toiletries, August 5th, 2016

    Premium Beauty News, December 2015

    The microbiome discovery is one of the most revolutionary scientific breakthroughs of the past ten years, and a unique opportunity for smarter cosmetics. Provided companies manage to adapt to this completely new ground and develop clever innovations.

    GCI Magazine, March 6, 2012

    Research demonstrates that attempts made to treat hyperpigmentation with exfoliation leads to increased inflammation, and reactivates the melanogenesis down to the basal layer.


    A major direction of research involves looking at how to nurture and activate skin’s tight junctions, the proteinic structures between the cells that allow cell adhesion and barrier function control.


    New research on proteins of the skin and their metabolism could lead to technologies that help skin produce its own sunscreen.

    GCI Magazine, October 18, 2012

    Many large brands are already actively studying the skin microbiota, looking at implications in skin development as well as to more fully understand body odor.

    There is a concept to apply the principles of prebiotics, stimulating the growth of bacteria, to beauty products.

    Learning how to interact with the metabolism of bacteria that lead to bad odors, so as to avoid the need to use bactericidals, is one long-term goal.

    GCI Magazine, August 31, 2011

    The odds that actives extracted from plant stem cells have an effect on human stem cells are high if this active penetrates the upper layers of the skin, but no more or no less than any other active with the same bioavailability.


    Stem cells in skin represent its true youth capital, its essential asset.


    Exciting results and new developments in stem cell research and applications are anticipated, but the beauty industry must communicate effectively and fairly with consumers so as not to confuse the issues.

    GCI Magazine, March 7, 2011

    Inflammation, a reaction designed to fight natural aggressions, itself causes tissue damage and, ultimately, signs of aging.

    Inflamm-aging is a self-worsening phenomenon.


    In order to fight inflamm-aging, both internal and external aspects of the phenomenon must be addressed.

    GCI Magazine, January 5, 2010

    Building an open, working collaboration between marketing and R&D is not necessarily very comfortable at first, but it always helps the company function better.


    Marketing and R&D both must be considered profit and expense centers.


    During the elaboration of concepts, when the focus of both R&D and marketing are in sync and on the consumer, it is essential to concentrate all energies on the project, as it is a unique opportunity for both teams to unite.

    GCI Magazine, September 3, 2009

    What the beauty industry and its consumers gain is a higher level of science in the products. This is a definite raising of the bar in terms of efficacy.


    The way both industries deal with each other is in its infancy, yet, there

    is no question that the future of the beauty industry lies, at least in part,

    with biotech.


    As with any innovation strategy, one cannot expect the status quo to be enough or to even be a viable option.

    Survival is at stake.



    GCI Magazine, June 2009

    Outsourcing manufacturing is a longstanding industry tradition. Both small and large brands outsource some aspect of production, whether they have in-house operations or not.

    Sometimes less expensive, often more innovative, definitely more agile, contract manufacturers and private labelers are a great alternative in many instances. 

    However, choosing and then properly managing outsourced manufacturing presents many challenges. Knowing where to go, what to ask for and what to expect are essential to succeed. Managing the relationship is also paramount to be a successful contract manufacturer. New tools and new technologies allow the strengths of both sides of the partnership to be optimized and minimize the difficulties in forging these partnerships.

    GCI Magazine, February 27, 2009

    For most large companies, fostering innovation is a challenge. It means drastically rethinking processes, human resources management, even goals. Because chaos is at the core of creativity, just maintaining that creative process or reinstating it takes some measure of chaos.

    Ideas need room to come to life, to flow and expand. At some point, something has to give: Control, processes and structure will have to recede to give way to the creative process. Here is how major players in the life science industry have managed to maintain a measure of chaos, while preserving their corporate sanity.


    Jacques Warcoin

    Owner, Regimbeau

    I have had the privilege to work several times with Marie Alice;
    Excellent work , I am very satisfied.
    Organization was perfect;
    She is very reactive and has a perfect knowledge of the field: life sciences and especially cosmetic.
    In addition she has a real sense of humor which is a plus for me.

    Alexandre Templier

    Co-founder & CEO, QUINTEN

    Marie-Alice is a visionnary, yet pragmatic and results-oriented expert in Life sciences. She has an impressive network and understanding of strategic issues in the field of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Beyond her strong values and her outstanding human qualities, I recommend Marie-Alice for her level of dedication and efficacy in achieving her commitments.

    Frederic Badey

    Sr. Director, International Public Affairs Coordination, Sanofi

    I have had the chance to know Marie-Alice since many years. We have been working on some shared projects in the past few years. She is a pro, effective & knowledgeable person. Highly recommended.

    Didier Perez

    Senior Director Business Development for Next Generation Sequencing at Affymetrix

    Marie Alice is a talented and experienced healthcare professional with deep knowledge of both the European and US healthcare industry, specifically as it relates to pharmacology, skin care and the ability to communicate efficiently within the medical and research community. She is well connected and appreciated for her efficiency and can-do attitude. As Co-Chair of the FACC Life Science Committee, she has been vital to the success of the group and continues to be a driving force.

    Marc Dangeard

    COO at Be-Bound

    I have known Marie-Alice for a long time, she is an excellent professional and a great person to work with, extremely knowledgeable and completely reliable. I would warmly recommend her services to anybody who might be interested in working with her.

    Didier Bourgeot

    President at Akuter Technologies Inc.

    I have had the chance to work with Marie Alice in quite a few occasions and have been extremely impressed by her extended knowledge and experience in the field of life sciences. She is an incredible asset as a business partner, opening doors and getting right to the point to achieve results. She is loyal, trustworthy and highly recognized by her peers. Someone you can count on.

    Xavier Avat

    VP Corporate Development at Santen

    Marie Alice has built an amazing network of health care professionals across the US, with a strong focus on the bay area, and France. Her efforts, meticulous work and strategic insight have contributed to identifying business opportunities and developing new collaborations.

    Stelios Tzannis

    President & CEO at Delos Pharmaceuticals, Inc

    Marie Alice has done an incredible job setting up and managing the French BioBay community. Along with her co-founder they have both managed within a short time to create a credible association that provides a good forum for interactions between US and European firms, to help understand the gaps and explore ways to improve business. Her level of motivation, experience and understanding of the issues have been key in the success of this organization.

    Jed Godsey

    Digital Production Manager at Fourth Street Press

    No-nonsense power networker. Firm grasp on all aspects of the industry both in the US and abroad. A consultant who gets her hands dirty and is focused on real outcomes.

    Alain Gracianette, D. Mgt

    MBA Director & Marketing Professor - Concordia University, Portland

    I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Marie-Alice for a few years. She is one of the best PR professionals that I was associated with. She is smart, energetic, friendly and more importantly: highly effective! Her networking abilities have greatly helped our company.

    Alain Gracianette
    Vice President, Marketing
    Alcius Corporation

    Nancy Jeffries

    Publishing Consultant and Contractor

    Marie-Alice is a consummate professional with expertise in both the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. She provided timely and pertinent writing for me at Soap & Cosmetics Magazine, and I am happy to recommend her work.

    Leslie Alfred McGrath

    McGrath Illustration & Design

    Marie-Alice is great at communicating what she needs for a project without restricting the creative process.She is intelligent and professional in organizing and explaining complex material required for her presentations. It has been a pleasure to work on several successful projects with her.

    Karen Tkaczyk

    PhD chemist, French into English technical translator and editor, specializing in chemistry

    Marie-Alice is a real go-getter. We thoroughly enjoyed working together. She is a good listener and a wonder at finding creative solutions to problems. Nowadays I always enjoy reading her articles, in both French or excellent English!

    Gorazd Drozina

    Technical writer

    I have worked with Dr. Dibon on several projects regarding evaluation of new technologies and pharmaceutical compounds. Dr. Dibon is very professional, knowledgeable, and fair. Moreover, she takes time and listens to her co-workers ideas. It was a pleasure to work with Dr. Dibon and I am looking forward to further co-operations.

    Thomas Célérier

    Delivery Leadership @ Slalom Consulting

    I have the pleasure of working with Marie-Alice within the Life Science Committee at the French Americain Chamber of Commerce San Francisco. Marie-Alice is extremely well connected in the Life Science's space and has been leading our efforts with great impact. In addition, she has a nice personality, is commited to share her experience, develop others and is results-oriented.

    Adrian Smith

    Principal at Independent Consultant

    Marie is responsive, resourceful, and thoroughly professional in conducting her work for French Bio, and in representing French companies and biotech interests in the US. She has a lot of energy, good ideas, understands the needs of her clients and those of prospective business partners, and is an excellent leader in bringing people together and creating a positive engaging environment. I recommend her highly.

    Carole Granade

    Présidente : BoostInLyon l'Accélérateur de startup lyonnais - Conseil aux Entrepreneurs : France - USA expert

    Marie Alice is a very enthousiast and active Member of the French American Chamber of Commerce and of its Board. She has been driving the efforts for the Life Science Committee.
    She is very self driven, knowledgeable, well connected. It is a pleasure to have her as a supporter.

    Vincent Guerlavais

    Distinguished Scientist at AILERON Therapeutics

    I have met Marie-Alice few years ago and have kept contact with her since as a member of the French Bio Bay network that she founded. Each time I got the oportunity to share some time with Marie-Alice I really enjoyed her optimism and her straight talk. She is a person of trust and totally reliable. I will recommend her without any hesitation to anybody who is looking for consulting or networking in the biotechnology field.

    Frédéric Allemand

    Biotechnology Professional

    Expecting working with Marie Alice again. Marie Alice is very knowledgable and expert in managing network and lobbying.

    Toby Freedman, Ph.D.

    Life Science Executive Recruiter and Author

    Marie Alice is extremely networked and knows just about everyone in the San Francisco French Biotech community. I very much enjoy attending the French Biotech dinner programs that she arranges.

    Romain Tanière

    Associate Director, Program Management and Business Operations, PMP® at Novartis and Co-Founder at French Bio Bay

    I have interacted with Marie-Alice on a few projects.
    Her advise proved to be very useful. She has innovative and effective solutions. Best of all, her personal interaction has always been very pleasant and professional.
    I would love to work with her again!

    Hervé Rodriguez

    Owner at Excel Translations

    Marie-Alice has successfully spearheaded the creation of the San Francisco Franco-American Chamber of Commerce Life Sciences Committee. I have worked with Marie-Alice on the Committee and have always enjoyed her problem-solving skills as well as her extended network of resources in the Life Sciences Industry. Without any hesitation, I extend to Marie-Alice my warmest recommendations.

    Hervé Rodriguez
    Excel Translations, Inc.



    With her enthusiasm, dedication and extensive experience, Marie-Alice brings together exceptional professionals for various forums offered through the San Francisco FACC. She motivates the Life Science team to be creative and she provides a unique networking opportunity in the field for those involved. Thank you!

    Marie-Vincente Pasdeloup

    Media Relations and Communications Consultant

    Marie-Alice combines smarts with business acumen. She is client-oriented, an expert in her field and dedicated to the success of the projects she manages.


    +1 775 339 8835

    Sacramento, California Area